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san antonio nightlife

Ideally, this is where all your clubbing and nighttime party's begin, a good place to meet other Ibiza clubbers and discuss what Ibiza clubs your heading for that night.

San Antonio, home to Eden and the Es Paradis nightclubs, just a 10 minute walk from all the bars & smaller clubs on the west end, and notice the famous KFC on the corner... you'll understand when you get here.

Overall, great pre clubbing location with plenty of house music and cheap drinks, compared to the super clubs anyway. Expect to pay 10/15 euro for a load of cocktails & bottles of sprits, always plenty of offers on around here... get drunk then jump into a taxi to Amnesia or Privilege depending on what night it is.

ibiza west end

Although Ibiza's west end is one of the prime drinking and clubbing hotspots here in Ibiza, its more suited for the Ibiza virgins and younger clubbers. Depending on how long you stay in Ibiza, its possible some nights you might end up staying around Ibiza's west end, mainly because you've had a heavy session the night before, not sure if you can coup with a 20 minute taxi ride to one of Ibiza's the bigger nightclubs. Ibiza's west end also has a great strip of restaurants right on the water front, perfect for an evening meal while soaking up the beautiful views: great atmosphere around tea time 8pm.