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drugs & clubbing in ibiza

still clubbing at 6am in the morning?

Ever wondered how clubbers in Ibiza last the full 7 nights... 14 nights of hard clubbing till early hours in the morning.

hands in the air I'm sure you've heard all the stories about drugs in Ibiza, we can't hide from the fact that drugs are widely available on the Ibiza Island, predominately Ibiza west end. If alcohol isn't enough and you'd like some extra dancing power to energize your clubbing session, I'm very sure you'll be approached most nights with people offering pills(ecstasy tablets) and other forms of narcotics, don't over do it and be careful.

a few words...

We do not encourage or recommend taking drugs in Ibiza. This page offers information about what we've experienced over the many years of clubbing on the Ibiza island.